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Arlene Cogen, CFP®

Philanthropic Leadership Consultant

Arlene spent more than 20 years in the trust and investment services industry, and 9 years in non-profit development. When you work with Arlene, you get a compelling, comprehensive perspective on giving derived from her broad experiences with individuals and businesses ranging from Wall Street to Main Street. Get a fresh viewpoint on giving and bring more fulfillment to your practice and your clients’ lives.

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The cover of the Give to LIVE book. A pile of coins in someone's hands are sprouting a plant.

“The book is an excellent read for those who are considering charitable giving as a component of their estate planning and for the advisers who assist them in developing an appropriate, responsible and fulfilling plan.”

Stephen E. Kantor, Partner, Samuels Yoelin Kanter, LLP

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Speaker Reel

Arlene is available to speak to professional and nonprofit organizations on relevant topics, such as Problem-Solving with Philanthropy and How to Make a Gift You Never Imagined. Her presentations provide continuing education credits for multiple disciplines, including CFPs, CPAs and attorneys.

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An inspiring, passionate expert on philanthropy and giving

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Teaching leadership skills and accountability to small groups of multidisciplinary professionals

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Strategies for success that draw on your innate strengths and passion

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A passionate trainer in philanthropy and giving

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Pomegranates have a rich symbolism in many cultures and religions. In Egypt, they signify prosperity. In China, fertility. In Judaism, the numerous seeds symbolize fruitfulness. Also, the fruit is said to have 613 seeds, corresponding with the 613 commandments of the Torah.

To me, pomegranates represent abundance as well as the life lessons and wisdom of my parents.

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