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This is a love story about your finances, taking care of family and making a difference.  Whether you are new to charitable giving or simply keen to improve your understanding of giving and philanthropy, this is your book. It will free you from the haze of the complicated jargon, break things down in understandable terms and share ways to effectively and meaningfully include philanthropy in your life. Enjoy the journey.

Philanthropic Leadership Expert : Arlene Cogen, Author

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Give To Live

“The book is an excellent read for those who are considering charitable giving as a component of their estate planning and for the advisers who assist them in developing an appropriate, responsible and fulfilling plan.”

– Stephen E. Kantor, Partner, Samuels Yoelin Kanter, LLP

“This book is truly a gift from Arlene-she shares her heart and passion for thoughtful philanthropy.  Her experience makes “Give to Live” an invaluable resource for givers and the professionals who work with them.”

– Carolyn W. Miller, P.C.

“This book is easy to read and understand. It is an essential and valuable resource as you begin to figure out your estate plan.  Using the information from this book, my husband and I were able to dig deeper into the kind of giving we feel comfortable with and have the language to express that to our financial planner.”

– Rabbi Eve Posen, Assistant Rabbi, Congregation Neveh Shalom

“Arlene provides a practical primer on the basics of philanthropy as part of estate planning by presenting valuable information woven throughout inspirational stories. This book is valuable to anyone who wants a better understanding of their options in creating a personal legacy.”

– James K. Phelps, ACFRE, JKP Fundraising, LLC

“Give to Live is a great study on how diverse charitable planning strategies can be applied to a donor’s individual financial situation to help achieve the donor’s particular philanthropic goals.”

– Jeffrey C. Thede, Partner, Thede, Culpepper, Moore, Monroe & Silliman, LLP

“Arlene is a caring professional, and her book is a heartfelt and accessible overview of charitable giving.”

– Jonathan A. Levy, Attorney, Wyse Kadish, LLP

“The world of philanthropy has been waiting for this book, and because of its message, people who never knew it was possible will leave lasting gifts that will change the world.”

– Victoria Trabosh, CEC, Victoria Trabosh Executive Coach, LLC

“Arlene has a way of making complex information relatable and understandable, adding tremendous value to individuals and families alike. Her passion for helping people leave a legacy, a legacy they never dreamed possible is awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.”

– Michelle Castano Garcia, Principal, Northwest Investment Counselors

“This book is easy to read and understand.  It breaks down the concepts of giving into understandable terms.  It provides actionable steps and is a valuable resource as you begin to fold philanthropy into your overall planning.”

– Sharna Goldseker, Executive Director, 21/64

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