Training Program


FUN in Fundraising Program

This program guides board members, the executive team, key personnel and stakeholders become better ambassadors and fundraisers for their organization. Participants will learn about the neuroscience of giving, the importance of leading by example, and how fundraising from the heart will help your organization succeed financially.


Participants will engage in FUN activities, education and coaching. We will discuss the neuroscience of giving and how easy it is to incorporate a legacy into your planning. Additionally, each participant will get some individual coaching during the session. 

  • Learn to spot sensitive situations that are paralyzing their own planning.
  • Understand the fundraising process, and recognize the personal opportunities that asking provides for donors.
  • Master tools and words that work when talking about philanthropy.
  • Improve effectiveness and fundraising skills
  • Deepen donor relations
  • Enhance core leadership competencies
  • Increase effectiveness of philanthropic communication
  • Philanthropic skills training

Schedule a 30 minute call to see if this training will add value to your firm. 

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