Give to Live Now Systems

Join like minded, like-valued individuals who want to make a difference in the world community and causes they care about. Arlene guides you through her 7 steps to become a philanthropist.

7-Step System:

1 – Where are you and where do you want to go? Reflection, access fulfillment, create a vision of philanthropy.

 2 – What do you need to know? Break down the jargon, learn gift types and available options so you understand what everyone is talking about.

  3 – What about me? Uncover your purpose, values, draft a mission and vision statement for philanthropy.   

  4 – What do I really want? Identify personal, financial and goals for an effective plan.

  5 – Who is your team? Identify and select the best professional advisors, family members, and other partners.

  6 – What are my options? Plan design, summary and discussion.

  7 – Lead by example or Just show up? Take action to implement a philanthropic plan.

 8 – Journey Reflect and Celebration! You are a philanthropist.

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