Training Program

Financial Planning

Multi-Generational Planning System

Adds value to your clients, community, and your bottom line. Retain up to 90% of your client’s assets by engaging the next generation through charitable giving. Arlene’s system uses TIME: Tools, Intention, Meaning, and Engagement. The program will show:

  1. Charitable Tools that integrate into client life cycle events for effective and fulfilling personal and financial outcomes. Plan design and case studies.
  2. Intentional benefits to your community that is fulfilling for your clients and business. Reflection, access fulfillment, and creating a vision of philanthropy. Uncover your purpose, values, draft a mission, and vision statement for philanthropy.
  3. Meaningful ways to build deeper relationships with clients through Conversations Starters and Personal Reflection Giving Guide.
  4. Effective ways to Engage heirs and retain assets. Identify and select the best professional advisors, family members, and other partners.  Implement the Multi-Generational planning system.


Participants will learn the importance of philanthropy through FUN activities, education and coaching. You will become familiar with helpful philanthropic tools, identify opportunities, and provide choices to solve family issues. Each participant will bring a case study to discuss with the group and walk away with a customized strategic plan. Participants will:

  • Learn to spot sensitive situations that are paralyzing clients’ planning, and identify a philanthropic solution.
  • Provide better charitable choices to families and furthers their personal and financial and legacy goals.
  • Practice the philanthropic conversation to build skills with clients.
  • Learn to sell from the heart while overcoming obstacles.
  • Improved effectiveness and sales skills
  • Asset retention strategy (ARS)
  • Deepen client relationships
  • Enhance core competencies for client engagement
  • Increase the effectiveness of philanthropic communication
  • Philanthropic skills training

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