How to be a Successful Philanthropist

Explore a Path to Philanthropy That Exceeds Your Dreams
Even if you think philanthropy is out of reach and only for millionaires and billionaires

This powerful presentation will show you:

  • The top 3 most tax-efficient ways give
  • Often overlooked ways giving benefits you personally
  • How to identify your core values & how values guide your giving
  • Effective ways to involve family in charitable giving
  • How to make a charitable gift that will help you fulfill your purpose, and exceed your wildest dreams

The Ultimate Gift

Thank attendees for their gift to your organization through an inspiring keynote on charitable giving and philanthropy. 

Through her mother’s story of giving at her end of life, Arlene explains how these experiences motivated her to bring her own family giving to a new level. 

Arlene shares the impact gifts have on communities and, through her poignant real-life stories, engages audiences in their commitment to your organization.  

Customization options:   

– Interview style  

– Book signing 

– Visits with attendees’ one-on-one

Give To Live: 20x Your Giving Impact

Arlene’s inspirational presentation provides a fresh perspective on charitable giving that engages all audiences. Arlene motivates attendees to give both during life and through their estate plan. She breaks philanthropy down into bite-sized, understandable pieces and then teaches you how to make a charitable gift you never imagined. Let’s talk about your charitable goals and options, so everyone can make a charitable gift.

“All great achievements require TIME”

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