A passionate trainer in philanthropy and giving

Arlene Cogen, CFP, provides a fresh perspective on giving. Her inspiring training guides your team on integrating philanthropy in order to build deeper relationships with clients, engage the next generation and benefit your practice. Continuing education credits are available for multiple disciplines, such as CFPs, CPAs and attorneys.

Arlene is available to train financial advisors on issues like solving challenging family situations and determining an appropriate inheritance by adding a charitable element to your plan. She is also available to speak to professional and nonprofit organizations on relevant topics like Problem-Solving with Philanthropy and How to Make a Gift You Never Imagined. Arlene breaks down giving into manageable bites, explaining how to achieve a win-win-win outcome by helping clients care for loved ones, get a tax deduction and make a gift they never imagined.

As a top producer, Arlene shares her years of sales and fundraising experience, getting you in the right mindset to move forward with your clients. After reviewing case studies of your top clients, you will walk away with a strategic action plan for each client.

Multi-Generational Planning System

Join forces with a unique group of like-minded advisors who set a high priority adding value to their clients and bringing their business to a new level. Arlene guides you to integrate philanthropy into your practice for effective and fulfilling clients, community, and bottom-line outcomes. Arlene will provide you with tools and life experience so you can integrate philanthropy into your practice to build deeper relationships with your clients, engage the next generational, and build an asset retention strategy. Arlene supports you while you add value to your clients and create a fulfilling practice.


FUN in Fundraising Program

This program guides board members, the executive team, key personnel and stakeholders become better ambassadors and fundraisers for their organization. Participants will learn about the neuroscience of giving, the importance of leading by example, and how fundraising from the heart will help your organization succeed financially.

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